Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NOTD: A Very Natural Manicure. :)

Hey guys! So today I decided instead of hiding my nails under a nail color like I usually do, I wanted to have them out on display! But unfortunately, they were looking a bit yellowish from all of the dark nail polish that I often use, so I decided to brighten them up a bit with a nice, very subtle everyday manicure. :) This is so easy to do, and it makes your natural nails look fabulous! :D I will explain the process below, but first here are the before and after pics:
Quite a difference, huh? I just love looking at my nails like this! Makes me want to never polish them a color again, but I know that's not gonna happen haha. :) 

So here is what I did...I first started by washing my hands, applying my cuticle oil, then just giving them a quick rinse to wash off the excess oil. Then I applied my Orly Primetime, but this isn't a necessary step. So then I applied my basecoat, then applied a nail whitener over that. If you don't have the primer or the whitener just use a basecoat.

Next I took a really sheer white polish, like really sheer, I think it's actually meant for a natural french manicure. I used one called Washed Down White by CND, and it is described as a warm, sheer color. So with this I just painted two really thin coats just on my tips.

After that I took a really sheer nude/peach color called Soft Layers by Jade. You can use a really sheer french pink color also, this is just what I had. So with this color I just applied one thin coat over my entire nail.

And lastly, just applied my favorite top coat, Seche Vite. This really made my nails shine bright! :D Oh and if you are wanting your nails to have a more natural finish, you can apply a matte top coat instead so it looks more natural. :)

And that's it! Maybe eventually I will film a quick little tutorial on this. :) Hope you enjoyed this, thanks for looking!!


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